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Leaders with a Sense of Humor Create More Relaxed Workplace Culture

Having fun at work, according to the CEO of Beryl Call Centers,

isn’t optional. It’s a core value and a huge asset and one of the

key reasons Beryl is so successful. Beryl has learned that when senior

managers show off their fun side, the entire organization breathes

a little easier. And, according to the CEO Paul Spiegelman, when the

senior leaders poke fun at themselves it sends the message throughout

the organization that there is no class system, that everyone is

approachable, and that everyone is “in it” together.

Which is why, if you work at Beryl, you might encounter the CEO

on roller blades wearing a matador outfit, or dancing a wacky dance

in a lime green suit, or poking fun at himself with other senior

leaders in a funny holiday celebration video.

Now perhaps that’s a wee bit extreme for your culture or your

personality. The point is, when people at work, and in particular

the senior managers, take themselves less seriously the entire

culture can benefit tremendously.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Try out this idea from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream either once a

month as a wacky theme day, or try it out in a meeting: every time

someone says the word serious, everyone must (choose your favorite)

either put on a pair of Grouch Marx glasses OR a clown nose or

do the fun dance. Sure, it’s a tad silly, but summer is approaching,

and what better time is there to stir in a little silliness.


Quote of the Week

“A thing is funny when in some way that is not actually offensive

or frightening it upsets the established order. Every joke is a

tiny revolution.” George Orwell


It’s a Wacky World

Friday, June 24th is “Take Your Dog to Work Day” and it’s also

“Ugliest Dog Day”, so why not combine the two and bring a really

ugly dog to work with you Friday? (Of course, best not to tell

the dog why you finally decided to bring him to your work.)


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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