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Leadership, Laughter and Learning

Humor at Work, September 8, 2010 Issue 359 ===============================================================

Leadership, Laughter and Learning

Having a healthy sense of humor means being able to laugh at our

own blunders and shortcomings. This is an essentially important

trait for leaders. Leaders who laugh at their own missteps and

who don’t take themselves too seriously stay humble, are more

approachable, and set a more relaxed tone in the workplace. Of

course, to laugh at our own mistakes, it helps to know when

we’ve actually made a mistake in the first place!

So on that note, here’s a great video to spark some discussion

in your workplace, courtesy of Harvard Business Report, where

leadership experts answer a question we ALL should ponder:

“What’s the biggest mistake a leader can make?”


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

South Africa’s Kulula Airlines doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Check out how they have labeled some of their planes:

So this week’s tip: look for opportunities to apply some funny

labels or signs on your products or equipment, especially

something that might help you stand out from the herd, bring

a smile to your customers’ faces.


Quote of the Week

“Having fun is what made us number one with our customers!”

Southwest Airlines executive


It’s a Wacky World

Workplaces need to minimize the chains of bureaucracy and get rid

of outdated rules that serve no real purpose other than to annoy

people. Of course, it’s not just workplaces that have outdated

rules. Here are some laws that are still on the books:

– In Switzerland, it is illegal for apartment dwellers to

flush a toilet after 10:00 p.m.

– In Michigan, a woman’s hair legally belongs to her husband

– People in England are banned from dying in the House of

Parliament (I just dare you to try it, you’ll be in big trouble!)

– In Devon, Connecticut, it is illegal to walk backwards after


– In Kentucky, throwing tomatoes at a public speaker is

punishable by up to one year in jail. (Okay, so this one

makes sense.)


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2010

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