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Learning to be Creative

According to a study by Harvard Business professor Clayton

Christensen, 80% of a person’s creativity is a learned or

acquired skill. In other words, as I’ve been trying to tell

you oh-so-often, creativity is not something you are just

born with. It’s not magical. It’s not something either you

have or don’t have. So, what are you doing to remind yourself

and your team on a regular basis that you are creative? What

are you doing to coach, mentor, develop, train, teach, cajole

and boost the creative potential in yourself, your team and

your entire organization?


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Jet Star offered employees a chance to win, in a draw, 1 of

3 prizes of $500.00. To enter the draw, however, you have to

submit an idea about how to improve customer service in

25 words or less. So try something like this in your workplace.

The reward needn’t be $500, but doing something as a draw

encourages people to think of ideas and makes it fun for employees

to think of ideas, but takes away the tricky notion of trying

to incentivize creativity ? which studies tell us don’t

always work so well. People are motivated to be more creative

through intrinsic motivators, and can become more motivated

to get engaged with their ideas when we make it simple and

when we make it fun. And limiting the ideas to 25 words or less

is brilliant, because it focuses people on simple solutions and

ideas, which are, more often than not, the best ideas. You

can also expand this idea to include your customers, and use it

for any area of your business that needs improving.


Quote of the Week

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out my nose.”

Woody Allen


It’s a Wacky World

It’s tough times for toothless kids these days. According to

a survey conducted by VISA, children in 2010 who left teeth

under their pillow received an average of $3.00 from the Tooth

Fairy, but this year the average earnings for the toothless tykes

has plummeted to a meager $2.60!


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