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Less Stress, More Humor at Work a Great Recipe for Workplace Success

April is Stress Awareness Month, begging the question: How aware are you and your organization of the costs associated with stress?  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

  • 40% of job turnover is due to job stressbigstock-stress-free-totally-relaxed-wi-43251721
  • 60% to 80% of all on-the-job accidents are stress related
  • Health care costs are 50% greater for employees with high stress levels

There’s also the increase in errors, lost productivity, loss of creativity and negative impact on customer service to consider. Fortunately, April is also official Humor Month – and humor, as we all know, is one of the most potent archenemies of stress. So it’s a great time to meet with your team and pose a few fundamental (because fun affects da’ mental stuff) questions:

1. How is everyone’s level of stress? Are we trending worse or better and why or why not?

2. What can we do to manage not just the symptoms of stress, but more importantly reduce the source?

3. How can we add more humor into the workplace to help fight stress? How can we use humor to create a more relaxed environment, re-energize the workplace, reward people when they experience a challenging situation and mentally reframe our workplace stress so that we keep our sense of humor?

Michael Kerr is an international business speaker and best selling author specializing in workplace culture.  Michael’s next book is called, The Humor Advantge: Why Some Businesses are Laughing all the Way to the Bank!


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