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Look for Creative, Fun Ways to Add to Your Customer Service

Brainstorm a truly unique service or product you can offer your customers – something that might help you stand out from the herd.  For a little inspiration consider these amenities being offered up at some hotels:

– a “morning run with the concierge” program at the Ottawa Westin Hotel.

– at some Rosewood Hotels they have a 24-hour fragrance butler ready to arrive at your door with a selection of perfumes and colognes.

– the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in California has a dog surfing instructor as part of their “Su’ruff Camp” for doggie guests.

– the Vancouver Opus Hotel has a cupid concierge who plans dates and proposals.

– the Benjamin Hotel in New York has a sleep concierge that will help you choose from an extensive menu of pillows and even send up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with warm milk if you’re having trouble sleeping.

– the Ritz Carlton in Dallas has a “guacamologist” on hand, presumably to help with any and all of your pressing guacamole needs.

And just because you don’t have external customers, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! What’s stopping an HR, finance or IT department from offering a creative and fun service to their fellow employees? After all, if people want to make work more fun for themselves,they can start by making it more fun for the people they work with.

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