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Make Brainstorming a Regular Practice

I was the closing keynote speaker at an event recently, and, as I typically do, I sat in on the presentations prior to mine. There was one presentation where a company manager gave the audience ten minutes to generate ideas for improving customer service.  Now this is a very normal occurrence at many of the events I speak at. And very often there are some very cool ideas that come forward from the employees.

But here’s my challenge to companies. If you get one or two great ideas out of a simple whirlwind exercise that you do maybe only each quarter at your quarterly meetings, or just once a year at an annual meeting, then imagine how many ideas you might get if you did this back in your workplace as well. On a regular basis.  Involving everyone.

And imagine the ideas, growth opportunities and morale-boosting opportunities you might be missing out on by NOT regularly engaging your employees in brainstorming sessions.

I strongly encourage organizations to take the time to solicit ideas, feedback and brainstorm during their meetings, conferences and rallies, but remember to bring that energy and involvement back to the workplace as well!

Michael Kerr,  January 2012




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