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Managing for a Great Workplace Vibe

I continually hear stories of employees being utterly demoralized and feeling under-appreciated because their senior leaders don’t understand or value their talents as fully as they might. Often it’s because the employee doesn’t fit into one of the nice job boxes that has been created for them. In other cases, extremely hard working, talented, passionate employees are given a hiring pass because they don’t fit into the Houdini-like constraints of the job description.

Conversely, inspiring workplaces are increasingly tossing aside job descriptions in favor of a “get the right, passionate people aboard the bus” approach. Then they make the maximum use of these employees’ talents wherever and whenever they are needed. This approach can go a long way towards reducing silos, sparking innovation and boosting employee engagement levels.
Similar to this approach, many workplaces are creating new job titles and descriptions that take advantage of an employee’s unique talents or interests. Consider, for example, Tito Rodriguez, whose position as a food and beverage manager with the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach has evolved into the position of “Vibe Manager,” where Rodriguez can fully utilize his array of talents as an experienced sommelier, foodie, and cigar and mixology expert. Not only is it a more fun job title, the Vibe Manager position offers greater room for creative interpretation and flexibility, as well as a redefined and broader focus on one of the hotel’s end goals.
So if you don’t want to box in your employees’ creativity and initiative, start thinking outside the job box!

Michael Kerr,

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