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Manual Humor at Work

Manual Humor at Work

A reader recently passed along a great example of humor at work.
T-Mobile’s Quick Start guide to its G1 “Google Phone” is not
only highly useful (what a concept!), they use humor so that
you actually WANT to read the sucker (what a concept!). Here’s a
few excerpts:
– Use only batteries from the original manufacturer. Hint: If
it’s being sold out of someone’s car trunk, walk away.
– Keep your phone close. If it rings and you discover it’s in the
back seat, do NOT crawl over the seat to answer it while driving.
– Phones aren’t cheap, so keep it in a safe place – away from
children who may find it fun to see if the phone sinks or floats,
and away from dogs that find plastic-coated products to be
irresistible chew toys.

Now this isn’t necessarily laugh-out-loud stuff, but when you’re
trying to turn an otherwise boring piece of corporate double-speak
into a more user-friendly, humane reading experience you don’t need to.

Just adding a few funny thoughts and writing in simple, conversational language

puts a human face on a faceless company, makes the material
more accessible and more memorable.
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Everyone’s ego needs a good massage now and then, so offer ego
massages for your team once a month. Set up a comfy chair and
then everyone gets a five minute ego massage by a fellow teammate.
For example, Bob plunks himself down with his favorite cup of
java, and then the ego massage begins: “You know what’s so great
about you Bob. Everything.” (Okay, so a bit of exaggeration will
be required to make this work properly.)
3. Quote of the Week

“When fun is organic, it becomes the way we live and the way we
think, and therefore the way we act.” Chip Bell, Performance Research
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

Contests are a great way to add some fun into any workplace. And
as further proof that you can hold a contest for darn near anything,
Montpelier, Vermont recently held its 34th annual rotten sneaker
contest. The event, sponsored by Odor-Eaters, features a $2500
prize, trophy, and a trip to New York city for the owner of the
rottenest of all sneakers.

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