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Additional Ways Michael Can Add Value: At the Event

  1. Save the cost of bringing in another speaker (and their travel expenses) while adding incredible value to your event by adding another presentation for just $1,500 per presentation.
  2. If you are serious about making a long term investment in your culture, then purchasing a copy of one of Michael’s books is an ideal way to do that. A book greatly increases the likelihood that ideas are implemented and real change happens. Books make fabulous thank you gifts and event mementos. We’ve got great bulk discount rates reserved exclusively for clients michael-kerr-largethat book Michael for a presentation.
  3. For a licensing fee of only $1,000 you can video tape the presentation so that employees who were unable to attend the event are able to see it and participants at the event can stay inspired.
  4. Have Michael facilitate an interactive icebreaker or team building session as a great way to energize the audience and get people interacting with each other in a fun, memorable way.
  5. Have Michael do an additional presentation in your community to a volunteer organization or sponsor on the same day as your event for only an additional $1,500.
  6. Set aside a block of time where Michael can do one-on-one coaching with participants.
  7. Have Michael sit on a panel discussion or moderate a panel discussion on a work-related theme.
  8. Ask about a “pre-event” revenue-generating workshop before your event.
  9. Have Michael sign copies of his books at your trade show as a draw to a sponsor’s booth.
  10. Have Michael judge a “Most Creative or Fun Business Card,” “Most Creative and Effective Website,” “Most Inspiring Workplace Culture” or “ ____________________” contest.
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