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Inspiring Workplaces: Follow Up Resources and Options

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So you’ve had Michael speak at your event and you loved his messages and you’re ready to implement some of his great ideas. Now the questions are…

  • What next?
  • How do we keep the energy and inspiration alive in our workplace?
  • How do we turn ideas into action?

Here are a few options to consider:

  •  Invite Michael back to speak on a different topic.
  • If Michael delivered a keynote presentation, then consider having him back for a longer half-day, full day or two day in-depth training workshop.
  • This is perhaps THE BEST WAY to make sure Mike’s great messages stay alive:
    A 30-day program of 2-minute videos delivered right to your (or your entire team’s) in-box! It’s a simple, fast and cost-effective way to build on Michael’s messages, add more fun to your workplace, and build an inspiring culture! Ask about group pricing. Visit or ask Mike for more details.
  • Rent Michael’s brain; bring him in to facilitate a brainstorming session with your team.
  • Michael provides one-on-one coaching services for employees who want to accelerate their speaking skills or their inspiring leadership skills.
  • Ask about Michael’s unique 8-Week “Stop Managing & Start Leading – Creating Inspiring Workplace Cultures” Peer Mentoring Program – peer mentoring in small groups with access to Michael’s wealth of knowledge as well as the knowledge and experience of a small group of your peers.  This program is by application only – Michael only works with people who want to leave behind a lasting legacy and who are seriously committed to making transformational changes to how how they lead.  To set up a phone call to see if this program is right for you or your team, call 1-866-609-2640.  (For more details visit Stop Managing Start Leading  Peer Coaching Program)
  • Have Michael present a monthly or quarterly live Skype or video conferencing message to remind people of the key messages and to keep the ideas alive.
  • Invite Michael in to speak to your senior management team.
  • Bring Michael in to speak at a client appreciation event, to your suppliers or partners, or to your favorite charity organization.
  • Hire Michael on a retainer, wherein leaders or employees can access Michael’s brain on an as-needed basis and participate in conference calls.
  • Tele-seminar or webinars for your management team or culture committee.
  • Sign your employees or leaders up for our free weekly Humor at Work e-zine. It’s got great ideas and tips, and it’s an easy way to keep the message alive and keep you up to date on new articles, new videos and new products.
  • Purchase copies of Putting Humor to Work or Inspiring Workplaces for you leadership team, office library, or for every employee as an inspiring thank-you gift.
  • Hire us to create a customized monthly or quarterly video message reminder for your intranet site or meetings to remind employees of the key messages.
  • Ask us about other speakers, trainers or resources that we’d be happy to recommend.
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