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Michael’s Audio-Visual Needs for a Successful, Inspiring Presentation

What Michael Always Requires

  • Lavaliere (lapel) style microphone (preferably not the over-the-head “Madonna style” as they pose a challenge with Michael’s props and style)
  • Six-foot long table for props on the stage area
  • One flip chart (yes, even for larger groups. It’s for a few simple, but important things.)


What Michael Sometimes Needs (and we’ll let you know!)

  • PowerPoint projector and screen – although most of the time Michael does NOT use any PowerPoint, depending on the size of the room, room setup, and nature of the event there are times he does and he’ll let you know if that’s the case!


Stage Set Up:

Michael does NOT require a lectern (what many people incorrectly refer to as a podium) – and it is helpful to make sure that if there is a lectern (for opening remarks or the emcee etc.)  it is located on a far side of the stage OR can be easily moved out of the way for Michael’s presentation so he has room to roam and most importantly so the audience can see him clearly from every seat.

Michael will arrive at the venue early to do a sound check (or at whatever time previously arranged with any audio-visual company) and make sure the stage area is set up properly. He needs about 10 minutes to set up his props – if there is not a break before Michael speaks then typically he’ll setup at whichever break is closest to the presentation.

All he requires is the six-foot table to be set up lengthwise on the stage to the right of where Michael stands, with enough room for Michael to stand alongside it and roam around a bit, as pictured in the highly technical diagram below:


Audience of engaged, happy, attentive people located here (preferably facing Michael.)

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