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My Boss is Driving Me Batty! And Here’s Why!

Here’s a recent Harris Poll reported in Harvard Business Review that reveals the top complaints employees have about their leaders:

#1: Leaders not recognizing employees’ achievements (63%)

#2. Not receiving clear direction from leaders (57%)

#3. Not having any time to meet (52%)bigstock-businessman-in-anger-screaming-42799861

#4. Leaders refusing to talk to employees! (51%)

#5. Leaders who take credit for ideas (47%)

#6. Leaders not offering constructive criticism (39%)

#7. Not knowing employees names (36%)

#8. Refusing to talk in person or on the phone (34%)

#9. Not being asked about your personal life (23%)

How many can you relate to? If you’re a leader reading this take the time to consider which ones you need to work on. If you’re an employee then consider passing the list on to your leadership team so that they’re aware of what might be driving employees batty. And if there are a few that resonate with you, then be proactive and take it up with your immediate leader in a constructive way. Offer some suggestions and take a “we’re in this together” approach by suggesting things you could do to help make it less of an issue.

Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame international business speaker who speaks on workplace culture, inspiring leadership and humor in the workplace. Michael helps organizations create more inspiring workplace cultures that drive outrageous results!

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