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Nerds Rule the Roost in this Inspiring Workplace

I always love stumbling upon under-the-radar companies that are doing awesomely cool things, like these nerds. (And as a self-identifying nerd, I use this term in a very affectionate way.)

The software development company The Nerdery was recently listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. One of the keys to their success is their phenomenal culture – the founders of The Nerdery made it a goal to build the kind of workplace where they would want to work. A few highlights of their culture:

  • To foster camaraderie, the company has more than 50 clubs –  from knitting to hacky-sack and everything in between. Any employee is encouraged to start up a club of their own choosing.
  • A weekly Friday after work tradition held in the Nerdatorium, known as Bottlecap, features beer, snacks, show and tell presentations for anyone who wants to demonstrate a new product, a “meet-the newbs” video introducing a new employee, and a video montage of Nerds giving fellow Nerds congrats for a job nerdishly well done.
  • They live by the credo “the best idea wins,” which means they encourage employees to adopt the attitude that it’s not just their privilege to speak up if they have a better idea, it’s their responsibility to do so.
  • They encourage an entrepreneurial spirit – which means they ask their employees to be bold with their ideas, take reasonable risks’ and slay any sacred cows. (For more on this concept, check out the article I’m quoted in: How to Keep the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive in Your Company)
  • Finally, to help add a spirit of fun to everyone’s workday toys are a big part of their workplace environment, especially Nerf guns, which to me just seems so fitting for a place called The Nerdery.

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Michael Kerr, 2017.

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