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Offbeat Theme Days & Wacky, Fun Holidays for May to Celebrate in Your Workplace

Here’s a list of just some of the fun, wacky, offbeat and not-so-wacky holidays and theme days for the month of May, 2017. Celebrating these, recognizing these theme days is a very simple way to bring a little fun and humor into your workplace. For some ideas on how to make use of some of these fun holidays go to:  Ways to Celebrate Fun Holidays in the Workplace

May 1:                 

Batman Day

Loyalty Day

Lemonade Day

Executive Coaching Day

Global Love Day

Lei Day

Bubba Day

School Principals Day

Stepmothers Day

May 2:          

Roberts Rules of Order Day

May 3:            

Garden Meditation Day

Lumpy Rug Day

Paranormal Day

Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Public Radio Day

World Press Freedom Day

May 4:              

International Respect for Chickens Day

Petite and Proud Day

Intergalactic Star Wars Day – May the Fourth Be With You!

International Firefighters Day

World Give Day

World Password Day

Day of Reason

May 5:         

Cinco de Mayo

Chipotle Day

International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Cartoonists Day

Revenge of the Fifth (For the Star Wars nerds out there)

International Roller Derby Day

Tuba Day

May 6:    

World Gardening Day

No Homework Day

No Diet Day

Herb day

Home Brew Day

Scrapbooking Day

Free Comic Book Day

May 7:       

Barrier Awareness Day

Cosmopolitan Day

World Laughter Day

May 8:             

No Socks Day

World Red Cross Day

Free Trade Day

May 9:           

Moscato Day

Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day

One Day Without Shoes Day

May 10:             

Bike to School Day

Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity Day

Night Shift Worker’s Day

Third Shift Worker’s Day

Occupational Health and Safety Day

Receptionist Day

School Nurse Day

World Lupus Day

May 11:               

Eat What You Want Day

Hostess Cupcake Day

Root Canal Appreciation Day

May 12:        

Fintistic Friday (Giving Sharks a Voice Day)       

Hug Your Cat Day

Limerick Day

Nutty Fudge Day

Odometer Day

International Nurses Day

May 13:               

Babysitters Day

Frog Jumping Day

Archery Day

Crouton Day

International Migratory Bird Day

Mother Ocean Day

Miniature Golf Day

Stay Up All Night

World Belly Dance Day

World Fair Trade Day

May 14:            

Mother’s Day

Dance Like a Chicken Day

Spring Astronomy Day

May 15:               

Accountants Day

Straw Hat Day

Nylon Stockings Day

International Day of Families

Sliders Day

Chocolate Cookie Day

May 16:        

Mimosa Day  

Sea Monkey Day

Biographers Day

Piercing Day

May 17:              

Health & Fitness Employees

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

World Telecommunication Day

May 18:          

International Museum Day

Visit Your Relatives Day

I Love Reese’s Day

Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Hummus Day

May 19:          

Scooter Day

Endangered Species Day

International Virtual Assistants Day

O. Henry Pun Off Day

Bike to Work Day

Pizza Party Day

May 20:      

Weights and Measures Day

Eliza Doolittle Day

Learn to Swim Day

Morel Mushrooms Day

May 21:               

Waitress/Waiter Day

I Need a Patch for That Day

End of the World/Rapture Party Day

Neighbor Day

May 22:

Victoria Day (Canada)

International Day of Biological Diversity

Maritime Day

World Goth Day

Canadian Immigrants Day

May 23:         

World Turtle Day

Taffy Day

May 24:   

Brother’s Day

International Tiara Day

Morse Code Day

Aviation Maintenance Technicians Day

May 25:            

Nerd/Geek Pride Day

Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day

Cookie Monster’s Birthday

Tap Dance Day

Towel Day

May 26:         

Red Nose Day

Don’t Fry Day

Heat Awareness Day (see above)

World Lindy Hop Day

Chardonnay Day

Paper Airplane Day

Title Track Day

Wig Out Day

May 27:               

Cellophane Tape Day

Hugging Day

Polka Day

International Jazz Day

May 28:

Hamburger Day

May 29:               

Learn About Composting Day

Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

International United Nations Peacekeepers Day

May 30:              

Mint Julep Day

May 31:               

What You Think About Grows Day

World No Tobacco Day

 Michael Kerr, Humor at Work.  Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame business speaker and very funny motivational speaker based in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  His latest book is called The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.


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