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Picture a Truly Inspiring Workplace

1. Picture a Truly Inspiring Workplace

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand-words” brings to

mind many PowerPoint presentations where the opposite adage

seemed to be evoked: “Why show a picture when I can show a

thousand words per slide and drown my audience in gibberish?”

Here are three good reasons to evoke the former phrase more

often than we do at work:

1. It’s true. And in your next presentation your audience will

not only be more inclined to stay awake, they’ll thank-you for

remembering that humans are visual creatures and that we think

in pictures, not in words.

2. Drawing a picture is more of a right-brain activity, so

the next time you need to brainstorm, spending five minutes

doodling or drawing out your ideas will help you and your team

shift over to more creative, right-brained thinking.

3. Pictures are more fun! (Isn’t ironic that I’m using words

to describe all this?) The vision statement for the carpet

company Interface, for example, is actually a sketch, which

makes the message far more memorable, emotional and yes, even

a bit fun! Fun in a vision statement! Imagine that!


2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

For a fun team event, download some cartoons (watch the copyright

laws, either search for royalty-free ones, or be prepared to pay

a small fee) and then remove the captions. Then have each team or

individual come up with the best caption to illustrate the

cartoon and award a fun prize for the best caption. ================================================================

3. Quote of the Week

“It’s an established fact that a good sense of humour is highly

correlated with genius.” Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams


4. It’s a Wacky World

A British man on the run from police was kind enough to provide

the police with a proper photo of himself after he saw the mug

shot they had printed of him in the local paper. The moral of

the story: vanity will bite you every time.

See you over at for the latest Humor at Work

humor in the workpalce web episode!

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