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Plunging Into a More Inspiring Workplace Culture

If you want your employees to, and pardon the expression, give a crap about your workplace, then you need to build a culture that values and recognizes the great work they do. And that’s exactly how Alpine Tubular Management and Supply, a Calgary-based company, has built a thriving business. Here’s just a few things they do to build an inspiring culture:

  • Knowing that culture drive success, they hire first and foremost employees that will be a fit for their values, especially employees who embrace a work hard/play hard mentality.
  • They hold a monthly town hall meeting that emphasizes fun and transparent communication. Their town halls have featured toga party themes, games of hopscotch, and employees rapping and singing tribute songs to express appreciation for other employees. They rotate the responsibility for the theme/food and fun for their town hall meetings between four different teams, so everyone gets a kick at the can and no one gets burned out.
  • They go out of their way to “recognize the recognizers” by giving out “Alpine Bucks” in the form of gift cards. The winners of Alpine Bucks are employees whose names have been submitted because they’ve successfully recognized someone for living their values out loud.
  • As part of every town hall meeting they honor someone who “gives a crap” about their workplace with a Golden Plunger trophy, a golden-painted upside plunger and the name of the individual or team on a small plaque. The trophy changes hands each month, so the positive, albeit quirky (which makes it even better in my books), praise gets passed along.
  • Finally, they are very big on everyone dressing up at Halloween – and to help make it easy for everyone they have a tickle trunk at the entrance of the office stockpiled with fun props and costume parts.

Copyright Michael Kerr.  Michael Kerr is an international business speaker and the author of The Humor Advantage – Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.

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