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Random Workplace Culture Musings to Smile Over

It’s time for another edition of completely random thoughts and ideas…

  • Apple’s wildly famous “Think Different” campaign was launched by Steve Jobs not so much for the public, but to inspire Apple employees. Does your external advertising inspire your employees as much as it does your customers?
  • Steve Jobs is credited with embedding a “non-acceptance of the status quo” in Apple’s culture. Assuming that’s a good thing, what are you doing in your culture to drive a similar philosophy?
  • Why do companies only send their leaders to leadership training programs and encourage their leaders to develop as leaders? If you’re encouraging a “leaders leading leaders” culture, if you’re planning for the future, and if you’re encouraging everyone to be engaged in your future success, wouldn’t everyone benefit from being included in leadership development and reading leadership and management books? Is what your leadership team learning a secret?
  • Unilever placed GPS devices in random boxes of one of their detergent products in Brazil and then swooped in on their customers’ homes to surprise them with gifts. What are you doing to surprise your customers…maybe without having to track them down?
  • May 3-9 is North American Occupational Safety & Health Week. Find out how a bit of humor might help create a safer workplace: Humor Helps Create Safer Workplaces.
  • Many Japanese offices are creating cat-friendly workplaces to help lower stress.
  • May is official Smile Month. There are, supposedly, 18 different types of smiles.
  • Service staff who smile more often receive, on average, 18% higher tips.
  • Our smile is the facial expression most visible from far away. Some have suggested smiles may have evolved as a way of signalling to strangers: “I won’t bite, and to prove it I’m showing you my teeth.”
  • Research posted in a recent Harvard Business Review suggests that rudeness at work has doubled in the last decade…so perhaps Smile Month is a good excuses to practice smiling more often!

May, 2015. Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame international business speaker who helps organizations build more inspiring, innovative and successful workplace cultures that drive outrageous results. His latest book is called “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank.”

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