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Resolutions at Work That Actually Work

Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? Have you broken any resolutions yet? (I know I have!) Here are a few thoughts on the fine art of resolving to resolve your revolving resolutions…

  • According to several goal-setting experts, it’s easier to create “anti-resolutions”: Commit to things you want to stop doing rather than things you want to start doing.  For example, rather than saying you are going to “eat healthier” it is often easier to list what foods you are going to stop eating.
  • According to a survey asking, “If your company created a New Year’s resolution, what would it be”?, the #1 answer was, “Create a climate of respect from top to bottom of the organization.” How would you and your teammates answer this question? Take our survey here: What’s Your Workplace Resolution?
  • At Microsoft, employees don’t set resolutions, they set public “commitments” created in consultation with their peers and supervisors, thus substantially increasing their odds of achieving them.
  • Dozens of studies show that when you visualize exactly where and when you will be when you do whatever it is you need to get done, people are wildly more successful at achieving their goals.
  • Don’t, according to some experts, refer to them as resolutions at all. The term is too vague and has a bad enough rap as it is, so instead refer to them as goals. Or better still, take a lesson from Microsoft and refer to them as commitments.
  • Create a plan! Yes, an actual plan! I know, I know, it’s more work and you could probably just wing it, except we know from countless studies that just won’t work. Start with the end result and work backwards, breaking it down into the steps and milestones necessary for you to get to your destination.
  • Make it fun!  Work made fuin gets done, and the more fun you can make it to achieve your resolution, the less likely it is to feel like work.
  • Finally, here are five keys to keeping resolutions, according to people who, annoyingly, actually keep them: Create a strong “why,” make small changes, write the resolution down every day, find  accountability partners, and make it difficult to fail.

Whatever your resolve to do this year, I wish you heaps of success, joy and fun in the new year!

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