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Resolving to Have More Fun at Work

Far be it for little old me to suggest your resolutions for the new year, but since it is that time of year,  and since I know I’ll be hard pressed to keep my own resolutions (which run from the cliched getting in better shape, to the strange, namely learning to play the ukulele) then heck, why not set some resolutions for other people.  (Admit it, you know you’d LOVE to create your spouse’s resolutions for them.)

So here is a list of random resolutions that you may want to consider to up the fun factor in your life this year:

1.  Watch more sitcoms, less bloody dramas. Don’t you have enough drama in your life already?And given that a recent study confirmed yet again that laughter can improve our health, then heck, if you are going to be a couch potato then you might as well try and do something that might be at least slightly healthy for you.

2. Start a humor file. Research suggests you have a far better chance of achieving a goal when you write it down. And creating a humor file or book will cause that old selective perception phenomenon to kick in – you’ll  start finding humor everywhere in your life once you tell your brain to be on the lookout for it.

3.  Set a goal to take up a new hobby just because it’s fun. Not because it’s good for you, or will expand your mind, or make you a better person, but simply because it will add more fun and enjoyment to your life.

4.  Read more humor, for the same reason you should watch more comedies and less drama. Set a goal of reading at least one funny book each month for the year.

5. Resolve to laugh more. Practice laughing if you must. Just do it.

6. Be the person who takes the lead in your workplace to generate a more fun, innovative and humane workplace.

7. Resolve to laugh at yourself more, to take yourself less seriously. Dancing naked in front of the mirror will help.

So good luck with those.   Let me know how your progress goes and if there’s anything I can do to help…I’ll be in the back room learning to play the ukulele.

Michael Kerr, 2012.

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