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Rudeness Sucking the Fun Out of Meetings

Is Rudeness Sucking the Fun Out of Your Meetings?

Just thought I’d ask, because I’m noticing more and more rude

behavior in meetings. Even in my talks people in the front

row will talk on their cell phones or text message! Now it

could be that I’m just boring the socks off them, but I tend

to think it’s a matter of simple manners, or lack thereof.

Seems I’m not alone. An OfficeTeam survey found that:

– 66% of workers say it’s impolite to use a smart phone

during a meeting

– 48% say BlackBerrys should be banned from meetings

– 24% say Blackberrys should be checked at the door

What do you think? Go to for our poll:

Should electronic devices be banned from meetings?


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Weave an unusual “word-of-the-day” into your next meeting in

order to win a prize from a co-worker. Two soap opera stars

from the Young and the Restless do this very game – where one

has to weave a word seamlessly into a scene to win a prize

(Okay, so I got bored in the checkout lane yesterday.)


Quote of the Week

“If you give up having fun – you’re done!” Brenda Gooder

(Mike’s sister. And now she owes me ten bucks.)


It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

Happy “Clean Off Your Desk Day” AND “Blame Someone Else Day.”

(So if you have a messy desk still at the end of today, I

guess you can blame someone else for it.)

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