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Say Yes to More Yes at Work

1. Say Yes to More Yes

Okay, so I mentioned adopting a “YES!” attitude in an earlier issue
this year, but given all the “no’s” I’ve encountered lately, even
in this depressed economy, I thought the message bears repeating.
(And yes, today, June 3rd, is official Repeat Day. Really, I’m not
making it up. Honest. Look it up.)

To create a more fun and inspiring workplace, we need more “Yes
and…” attitudes at work, and less, “No way, no how” attitudes.
A “yes and” approach is critical when it comes to creative thinking,
and it’s critical for developing your sense of humor. As Robin
Williams once said, “Humor is about saying yes when everyone else
is saying no.” A “yes and…” approach is also needed for inspiring customer

service (especially now!). Far too often, we encounter
customer service that puts roadblocks in the way of finding solutions
or helping us get the information we need. Too often we encounter indifferent

customer service agents who seem to not even care
whether we part with our hard-earned dollars or not! Adopting a
“yes…and” mindset positions people as problem solvers and as being
truly customer-focused. A “yes and” mindset also encourages people
to up-sell other products and services in a positive way. Sales,
customer service, and great teamwork all start with a “yes and”
attitude. So say yes to more yes! And no to no! (Or at least a
maybe to more maybe?)
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Smile more often. (Hey, I never claimed these tips were going
to always be earth shattering ideas.) Smiling, as I’ve written
about before, not only lets people know you’re human, smiling
also changes the physiology in your body, and according to humor
researchers, improves your sense of humor (when people smile and
read comics they find them funnier than people who read comics and
don’t smile). So try this: hold a contest to see who can make the
most number of OTHER people in a given day smile BACK at them.
3. Quote of the Week

“Anything you want to do is play. Anything you HAVE to do is work.
I never worked a day in my life.” Dr. Leila Denmark
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

Today, June 3rd is Repeat Day. (I know I’ve already told you,
I’m just trying to honor the day properly.)

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