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Shake Up Your Meetings and Brainstorms with Special Guests!

To add some fun to your meetings and to help your team brainstorm from some different perspectives, try creating a few stock, exaggerated imaginary characters who attend all your meetings. Make one an imaginary superhero – someone who represents your company values in an outrageously exaggerated way. When you brainstorm or debate a new decision, you then get to ask, “What would Super Dave do?” (Of course, I’m confident you’ll come up with a wittier, more descriptive name than Super Dave.)

Then create a character who represents your most ideal customer, and a character who represents your most powerful nemesis (perhaps your main competitor), after all, every great superhero requires a super villain! Flesh out their attributes, then use the characters as points of reference in all your planning, brainstorming and communication efforts. Remember, the entire planet is depending on you!

Michael Kerr,  2012,

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