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Some Worrying Advice

We all deal with sea gull colleagues who focus on the negative,

but what about our own sea gull voices? Here’s a few random tips

on dealing with those pesky negative thoughts that pop up in

our own minds:

– Set aside a specific time to worry about something (we

did this in meetings, and called it the “whine and cheese”

portion of the meeting)

– Always ask this simple question: is this issue solvable?

If not, move on. If so, take one small step in the direction of

solving it.

– Be realistic. Look for solutions that are actually within

your control.

– Focus on the present. Worries tend to arise when we are idle

and start thinking too much about the future.

– Phone a friend. Create a relationship with someone who can

serve as an objective sounding board, someone who can offer

you a more realistic perspective, someone with a sense of humor!

– Practice debating yourself. Go into a closet if need be, or

just do this with your inside voice. Playing devil’s advocate

can help you see things in a more realistic, healthy light.

– Exaggerate the worst case scenario so you can’t help

but laugh and gain some much needed perspective.

– Reflect on the number of times the things you worried about in

the past never actually came to pass.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Here’s a fun way to surprise your employees or teammates with

a fun bonus. Kidnap your team, take them to a general type

store and offer each member a gift card to the store – but the

deal is they have to spend the gift card right then and there.


Quote of the Week

“Worry is the interest we pay on a debt that we may never owe.”

Bill Wolff


It’s a Wacky World

A study from Austria published in the Journal of Media Psychology

suggests that stupidity is contagious! The research found that

students performed less well on tests after reading screenplays

about idiotic people. Perhaps the old saying, “You are what you

read” is true?!


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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