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Stand Out from the Herd

People have heard me say it over and over:  it’s not good enough to be good, you also need to be different.  To succeed in this crazy dog-eat dingo world standing out from the herd is imperative.  And a little humor can be all it takes to stand out.  I had another  reminder of this while walking through the streets of Vancouver, B.C.   when I walked passed a homeless person that made me smile and definitely stood out from the herd.  Now to be clear, there’s nothing amusing about the plight of poverty and homelessness.   Vancouver has an especially acute challenge in this area.   I easily encountered two dozen homeless individuals on my walks about the city, but one fellow made me pause, smile and reach for my change.

The man was standing at the corner of Robson and Burrard holding a large cardboard sign that read:  Bet You One Dollar You’ll Read This Sign. He also had a big smile on his face, likely becuase he knew he was onto something.

People stopped. People smiled and laughed. And people reached for their pocket change, including several folks who had also passed by other homeless people with nary a glance.

Another reminder that it really can pay to be different.

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