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Stand Up Economist Proves That ANY Message Can Benefit from an Infusion of Humor

A Stand Up Economist?

Speaking of money, did you hear the one about the economist who walks into a bar…and delivers a stand up comedy routine?

Yoram Bauman, who holds a PHd in economics, bills himself as the world’s first stand-up economist.  Having met him in person I can vouch for the fact that he really is a stand up kind of guy.  But given that his hilarious You Tube video deconstructing ten principles of economics has garnered over one million hits, he clearly comes by his moniker honestly.  He truly is a stand-up economist. For any of you who have been lulled into a deep sleep during a macroeconomics course or dropped into a coma after trying to slog through an article on the economy, consider how Bauman has done the unthinkable: He’s made economics fun.  (Too see my interview with Bauman go to Stand Up Economist Puts Humor to Work)

In addition to his humorous talks on economics, Bauman has produced two very funny cartoon books explaining the basic principles of micro and macroeconomics. When you get rave reviews for your cartoon books from both lay people possessing no background in economics and a Nobel Laureate in economics, you’re clearly doing something right.

Do you need to fine tune your stand up comedy skills to inject more humor into your corporate communication? Of course not.  My point is simply that any message, no matter how dry, serious or boring, can greatly benefit from an injection of a bit of humor.  In fact, the more dry, serious or boring your topic is, the more you need to take to look at how humor can help deliver your message.

And if you do, people might just stand up and notice.

Michael Kerr. January 2014.  Michael Kerr is a funny motivational speaker who travels the world researching, writing and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures.  His presentations are known for their high-energy and relevant, practical ideas that will help any organization succeed. 




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