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Starting Your Work Day the Right Way

Everyone speaks about getting up on the “wrong side of the bed” in the morning, but do you ever feel like you start your work day on the “wrong side” of the old water cooler? Starting your work day with the right tone is critical. Not only can it set your mental barometer for the rest of the day, it can influence how creative, productive and happy you are.  Too many of us start the day without any careful planning or thought, and end up diving into the deep end of the pool without even looking to see if the pool has been filled with water!  (Okay, I’m not sure that metaphor works, but I’m sure you catch the drift!)

There’s also the social and team element to consider when starting your day at work.  So many people complain to me about how their boss never says a proper good morning to them to start the day – and it drives them nuts!

Conversely, some teams are great at creating rituals and traditions to kick of their day at work in a fun, effective way.   I’m a huge fan of traditions at work, as they give people something to look forward to and they create a sense of shared team experience that is so important in building a strong workplace culture.

For some further thoughts on starting your day on the right foot and on the right side of the water cooler, please check out the Forbes article I, along with three other workplace experts, was quoted in:  14 Things You Should do at the Start of  Every Work Day.


Michael Kerr, September, 2012









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