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“The best weekly newsletter ever!” Humor at Work is always an inspiring fun read and is  definitely #1 among my weekly e-zines.”  Jennifer Morin, Environmental Analyst

“Many of the e-mails I subscribe to go unread as I just don’t have time … but yours doesn’t fall into that category. I’ve come to get all excited when it arrives and I drop everything I’m doing to read it!” Mike Edwards, Leanintuit

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Building a great workplace is about. . .Happy People

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That’s where Humor at Work comes in.

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What Readers are Saying About Humor at Work

 “The best weekly newsletter ever!” Humor at Work is always an inspiring fun read and is  definitely #1 among my weekly e-zines.”  Jennifer Morin, Environmental Analyst

“Why I love Mike’s “Humor at Work” emails:

1)  They’re always the same length — short, so I know I’m not going to be drawn into a half-hour intense reading assignment.

2)  There is always something of value — some relevant and useful piece of advice.

3)  And of course, there is always something to make me at least chuckle, and sometimes LoL.”

Waldo Berg

“I really like your newsletter – style, format, content, originality, interest – aces on all fronts!  You do an awesome job on it and it’s appreciated.” Patricia Katz,

“Can I be your biggest fan?  I confess that of all of the emails I get in a week (and it’s hundreds) I always stop what I’m doing and read your e-newsletter as soon as it arrives!”  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”  Marilyn Benninger, CGA

“I look forward to my weekly e-zine – great ideas!  I keep every one of them in a folder for future reference.”  Laurie Trelenberg, Team Lead, Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan

“I attended two of your workshops as part of corporate wide customer service training last year. I left the workshops feeling inspired and motivated to integrate your tips and suggestions into my work. But, as often happens, the everyday rush and stress can be a barrier to making the small changes that seemed so easy when I thought of them during the workshops. Your e-newsletter acts as not only a weekly refresher, but as a moment of accountability to all those ideas and goals developed through your workshops. And, equally important the stories and facts add some very important giggle to my Wednesdays!”  Kate van Fraassen, Development Planner, Town of Canmore

“I have been using your website and Wednesday emails as a point of topic with my employees and supervisors for about the last two months. While it took some getting used to, the supervisors now wait to see what “nugget” I have for them each week, directly pulled from your mailing.  Three of my supervisors have even signed up for your mailings to use in their interactions with their employees.”  Derrick Marple, Paramedic, EMSI, Director of Operations Integrity Ambulance Service

“LOVE your e-zine newsletter!  I look forward to receiving it each week and to see what pithy pointers you may be sharing.  I do a newsletter for our agency and frequently borrow (with your permission, of course) some of your articles. Please keep it coming!  Thanks!”   Dona Fuerst, Training Manager, WA State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

“I always open Humor at Work Wednesday morning looking for new team building ideas. I start with “Mike’s Fun at Work Tip” followed by “Quote of the Week” and “It’s a Wacky World.” Simon Spurrier, Engineering Systems Department Manager

“I like your approach to work solving problems. People are so stress or constipated as I often say and a little humor can save the day. For years I have tried to find a side of humor in every situation while keeping the serious professional side .Once everyone is relaxed it is easy to work together to resolve issues. Keep up the good work!” Gaëtan Carrier  H&S  Co-Chair w/rep Tembec Hearst

“Reading Humor at Work is a refreshing and vital part of my Wednesday!  Well worth the read and always thought provoking and laughter invoking.”  Judy-Ann Wybenga, Director,  North Zone Nutrition and Food Services

“We have shared this newsletter and used many ideas and quotes from it to lighten the days of our workers. Thanks, keep up the great work!” Bob Hall @ NYSDOT

“I enjoy receiving your weekly e-zine, it always bring a smile to my face and gives me lots of great ideas to use. It keeps me thinking outside the box and with a creative mind.  I manage a group of 25 accountants and the task set before me of creating an environment that is enjoyable, fun and productive is all the easier with your e-zine’s providing me some resources.”  Linda Herkert, Accounting Manager, Condominium First Management Services Ltd.

“At last, someone else who ‘gets it’!  I have been using the Humor at Work e-zine for years. Keep putting your message out there because everyone can use a little (okay, some can use a lot) of humor in their day.  Thanks for keeping us smiling and laughing.”  Steve Hamilton, Project Manager – PP&M, Intergraph Canada

Humor at Work Wednesdays have become part of our Recreation Program Team language.  One liners or references to one of Mike’s articles filter into planning sessions, program brainstorming or just general conversation.  One of our 5 posted values is “Fun” and Humor at Work as a weekly reminder of what is important helps us inject that value into everything.”   Michelle Wilcox,  Recreation Program Specialist – Aquatics, District of Squamish

“I’d like to thank you for doing what you do so well. We can’t use everything you send, but having a weekly reminder to pay attention to the importance of fun in the workplace by itself is valuable.  I’ve seen you present and would recommend your zany approach to anyone. We need more of your sense of humour as a society or alternately we might need more meds.  P.S. I still can’t do justice to your happy dance, but I keep trying.” Jocelyn Bourgoin, C.E.O., Manitouwadge General Hospital 

“Your postings are wonderful.  Simple things make life easier.  After seeing your easy and understandable stories, my working style changed a lot. Thank-you very much for the many good inspirational stories. Rajendra Maddineni, Manager, Human Resources

“Thanks Michael for the fabulous article that I received regularly. It has been a great inspiration to me and I am just very  motivated each time I read them. Keep up with the great work!”  Karen Chew, Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC)

“As one of your weekly readers, I thank you for keeping me going and giving me valuable insights into keeping work fun!”  Bryan Fetty

“Thank-you so much for your words of wisdom, I always get a charge out of the fun at work tip and try to implement them here. Every time I get your newsletter, I always take time to smile and laugh a little. Thanks again Mike, you always make my day.”  Garry Whitley, Continuing Education Consultant, SIAST Woodland Campus, Business Division

“Thanks, Michael. I so look forward to receiving your messages on Wednesday. You have innovative ideas for the workplace and how to include humor in our everyday lives.  Awesome!”  Gisèle C.M. Timmerman, Regional Manager/Chef Régionale, MB Culture, Heritage and Tourism/Culture

“I began referencing your website in my weekly e-Updates. (Note that I did not say “copying information from” – you deserve all of the credit!) Several staff members have subscribed to your e-zine!  Technology is disruptive so we will never solve all of the problems, but we can take time to chuckle them away for a few minutes and come back to find – “Hey! Here’s the answer we have been looking for! ”  As a manager and a person, I really appreciate your e-zine, videos, website, books, and hard work!”  Debbie Avis, PMP, Business Applications Systems Division Chief

“I have been reading the “Humor at Work” e-zine for a couple of months now.  I love the great insights and have frequently used ideas and stories in my weekly team meetings.  My team thanks you!”  Shelly Hosier, Business Manager

“Thanks for giving people such great ideas on how to make work a more fun, and still professional and productive place to work!  We only live once and we’re not getting out of this alive, so we might as laugh like crazy while we’re here!”  Laurie  E  Hughes, Alberta Health Services, Hinton Community Health Services

“I love receiving my mid-week pick me via the Humor at Work newsletter. It helps me add fun and humor to my days as well as share humorous tidbits with others.  My co-workers are located all across the country, so sharing quotes, fun tips and website links is an awesome way to spread the fun!”  Charity Rapier, Mill Controller

Humor at Work is hump day humor with helpful hints for happy humans!”  Scott Gelfand, Clinical Pharmacist, Carewest Pharmacy

“Makes me smile even when the day is not great!”  Anna Ozga, BHP Billiton – Marketing Manager

“If you’re looking for a weekly e-zine that’s consistently chock-full of valuable, inspiring and fun tips on how to make your workplace the best it can be, I defy you to find any better than Mike Kerr’s Humor At Work! Sign up! “ Waldo Berg, Adult Educator, Northlands College

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