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Sunday Night Sleeplessness

Any guess as to what night of the week insomnia levels peak?

Yes, Sunday night sleeplessness is, according to surveys,

rampant. Which reminds me of the dread so many of us felt as

kids at the thought of returning to school. Today, some of

those same anxious kids are now anxious adults in bigger

clothing. But surely now we’re anxious over entirely different

issues? Such as the stress of dealing with the class bully

(oops, I meant office bully), the anxiety over delivering

your class paper (sorry, business presentation) or the worry

about trying to impress the cool kids (er, visiting senior


It’s sad to think about how some of the less enjoyable parts

of school haven’t necessarily left some people behind in the

workplace. Perhaps it’s a reminder that if you are going to

create truly inspiring workplaces, then it starts by treating

people as adults. The most successful, innovative and fun

workplace cultures all share a core principle: treat people

like adults and they’ll behave like adults. Value employees as

adults and they will feel like valued adults. Give people

permission to be themselves, trust them and support them, and

then maybe, just maybe, everyone will sleep a little more

restfully on those dreaded Sunday nights.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

A Montreal-based company, Flatter Me, outsources all your

flattering needs. Yes, for a small price, the company will

phone a friend or colleague and heap praise on them. They also

offer employee motivation calls, cheer you up calls and calls

of encouragement. So if you’re feeling a bit wacky, or perhaps

a tad lazy, this could be a fun option. Of course, you can also

try doing the same thing yourself! Or, if you want to surprise

people in your workplace, try leaving a funny or inspirational

voice mail message for everyone before they start their work

week or workday.


Quote of the Week

“Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both

called users?” Clifford Stoll


It’s a Wacky World

This Friday, December 16 is official “Chocolate Covered ANYTHING

Day!” So if you’re not hyper enough yet with the impending

Holiday season, go nuts! Or, you know, add nuts.


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