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Supporting Charities Great Way to Boost Employee Morale

There’s a fabulous article in the newspaper today about a group of WestJet employees volunteering in the Dominican Republic.The 50 WestJet employees are taking part in a 10-day humanitarian effort to rebuild homes for impoverished families. The experience is called Hero Holiday, and it’s organized by a Canadian charity called Live Different.

What’s so great about this story isn’t just the fact that it’s a story about volunteers doing great work.  It’s the support the employees have received from WestJet.  The WestJet employees raised $1,150 each, while WestJet kicked in $1,000 per person to help support their efforts.

Helping employees volunteer for a charity event or contribute to their community is a simple and effective way to build team spirit, boost morale,  and improve your company’s image while giving back in a worthwhile way.


Michael Kerr,

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