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Halloween Fun at Work: Conjuring Up Spirits in the Workplace

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 30 Oct 2013

Here’s a scary Halloween story for you kids: the Steve J. Baum law firm in New York, which specializes in house foreclosures, decided it might be fun to dress up for Halloween back in 2010. It would have been fun too, had they decided to go with, say, a Gilligan’s Island or Mad Men theme, as opposed to what they chose: a homeless camp. The PR damage caused by their costume motif resulted in the office closing their doors a year later. BOO! (I did warn you it was scary.)

Conjuring Up Workplace Spirits

Filed under: Podcast Series: Humor at Work - 29 Oct 2013

podcast As Halloween draws near, are you conjuring up positive workplace spirits in your workplace?  Plus a look at some of the offbeat November theme days and wacky holidays …

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