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Three Keys to Happier, More Engaged Employees

Filed under: Podcast Series: Humor at Work - 04 Oct 2017

Mike shares three key ways workplaces need to change in order to create more engaged employees, a great fun at work tip to help people learn more about each other, the quote of the week, and some wacky Canadian laws …

The Top-10 Workplace Incentives: What Perks Do Employees Want at Work?

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 29 Aug 2016

An interesting info graphic highlighting some of the top employee incentives and perks…what perks would help you stay inspired in your workplace? What incentives would help you remain loyal to your company?

Because I’m Happy! Why It Pays to Be Happy At Work

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 25 Jun 2014

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say, but a study reported in the Harvard Business Review conducted by Shawn Achor (author of “The Happiness Advantage”) found that engaging in one brief positive exercise a day for three weeks can have a lasting impact on employees’ levels of happiness – yes, even tax managers heading into one of the worst tax seasons in decades (the study was conducted at the end of 2008). Every day for three weeks participants had to choose to do one of the following activities:

What Keeps Employees Motivated? Some Keys to Effective Motivation at Work

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 15 May 2013

This infographic created by Salesforce does a fabulous job at summarizing some of the key factors that influence employee motivation. It’s a great reminder of everything we talk about here at Humor at Work: that money, for the most part,  is only a great motivator when it comes to people searching for work or coming into work week after week. In other words, money puts warm bums in the seats. But to get employees truly involved, engaged and inspired, it takes much more than just a good pay check.

You can’t buy your culture at Wal-Mart!

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 11 Jul 2012

I get the sense a lot of organizations don’t spend much time thinking about the state of their culture until a crisis comes up:  employee turnover rates skyrocket, workplace accidents rise or an internal employee survey reveals that (surprise!) employee morale is lower than a worm’s belly.

It’s not Personal? Oh Really!

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 04 May 2012

Here’s another of many business cliches that should be eradicated from our language: “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business!”

Make Brainstorming a Regular Practice

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 20 Jan 2012

I was the closing keynote speaker at an event recently, and, as I typically do, I sat in on the presentations prior to mine.

Consulting Employees Improves Engagement

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 18 Jan 2012

I read a story in the paper the other day about WestJet’s tentative plans to purchase smaller planes and move into smaller, regional communities, thus taking on AirCanada head to head in more places.

Start Earning Employee Loyalty Day One

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 10 Nov 2011

I had a front row seat, literally, to a very unprofessional dressing down of a brand new employee on a recent Air Canada flight.

Creating a Fun, Inspiring Workplace Culture

Filed under: The Hump Day Humor at Work E-zine - 17 Jan 2011

Another Year, a Better Workplace Culture

Rather than thinking about just what you are going to do in your workplace this year,

I challenge you to think  about HOW you are  going to do things at work this year.

There is a huge …

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