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Be the Kind of Employee Everyone Wants to Work With

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 16 Sep 2014

Here are 11 simple ways to make a positive impression with your teammates and create a better workplace:

1. Be sweet – have candy readily available. Several studies (albeit, all conducted by candy companies) suggest that having a candy dish on your desk makes you more likable, more attractive, and more likely to hear interesting news and gossip!

2. Add a humorous quote to the bottom of your e-mail signature file and change it every day, or at least every week, so people look forward to seeing what the new quote is.

Inspiring Workplace Musings

Filed under: Podcast Series: Humor at Work - 13 Mar 2014

podcast In this episode Mike offers up some random, miscellaneous observations and opinions on what it takes to create a truly rocking, inspiring workplace culture.  Plus a look at …

Dirt Bags Help Build a Great Workplace

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 06 Nov 2013

Last week I had a chance to sit down with a couple of real dirt bags and tour the office of the construction company DIRTT Environmental Solutions, based in Calgary, Alberta. DIRTT has been recognized as one of the top-50 managed companies in Canada, and yes, employees are affectionately known as “DIRTTbags”. The energy in their fun and funky office is infectious – this was not your typical Dilbertesque office space or typical workplace culture. A clue to their self-deprecating style and inspiring culture can be found on their website’s company description: 

Got the Sunday night blahs? Maybe it’s your workplace culture?

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 11 Dec 2011

An article in the newspaper this week reported on how the incidence of insomnia in restless sleepers peaks on Sunday evenings. 

The Way Work OUGHT to Be!

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 08 Jun 2011

I’m working on a new book project, “The Way Work OUGHT to Be”.   The title covers a lot of potential ground, because I suppose, in an ideal world, there’s a whole heck of a lot of ways that work could be.

Humor at Work: Google Greatness

Filed under: The Hump Day Humor at Work E-zine - 09 Mar 2011

Regardless of what you feel about Google as an empire, they do

know how to build a great workplace. Their Culture Audits show

that 95% of employees view it as a great place to work, and it

regularly tops “Best Companies to Work …

Inspiring Workplaces: How the Best Stay the Best

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 30 Jan 2011

I got talking to another professional speaker the other day and we both observed how often it is that the clients who really need us never seem to be the ones who book us. 

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