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Delivering World Class Presentations

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 14 Jul 2017

A great summary of some of the things world class speakers do each and every time to hit it out of the ballpark, how to overcome public speaking anxiety, and some interesting stats about the fear of public speaking around …

Wacky, Fun, Offbeat, Unusual July Theme Days & Holidays

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 11 Jun 2017

Here’s a list of some of the fun, wacky, offbeat, unusual, strange holidays and theme days for the month of July, 2017. Celebrating these, recognizing these theme days is a very simple way to bring a little fun and humor into your workplace and create some rituals and traditions to help strengthen your workplace culture. For some ideas on how to make use of some of these fun holidays go to:  Ways to Celebrate Fun Holidays in the Workplace

Recess at Work Ideas for Your Workplace

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 09 Jun 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017, is Recess at Work Day, a day to remind people of the importance of taking a fun break at work in order to celebrate and/or be more productive and creative. A few things you can do to celebrate:

Same Job, Different Customer Experience. Why?

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 24 Jan 2017

The next time you fly, eat out at a restaurant, or visit any business for that matter, take a few moments to watch the range of attitudes you see among the front line customer service staff. It can really be …

Employee Engagement: Why Workers Really Disconnect From the Job

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 16 Dec 2016

Walking through the office hallway can make a boss feel a bit like the nerdy kid in the locker room. Just like jocks end cool conversations whenever there’s a nerd in sight, employees are constantly closing browser tabs and slamming …

Is Your Workplace Drowning in BS?

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 29 Sep 2016

The Ig Nobel awards were handed out recently at a ceremony at Harvard University. The annual awards are given out to recognize the quirkier, sillier side of scientific research – research projects that make you laugh, then make you think …

Workplace Lessons from Movies

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 08 Sep 2016

One of the questions I pose in my e-book, Inspiring Questions for Inspiring Workplaces, is: If your workplace was represented by a movie, what movie would it be and why?  Asking questions like this sometimes helps reveal some uncomfortable …

Customer Service: Would You Like a Side of Empathy With That?

Filed under: HUMOR AT WORK,Humor in the Workplace Blog - 29 Mar 2016

Do your employees understand the importance of expressing empathy to your customers when required?

My wife and I just returned from a speaking trip in another country. The trip turned into an epic adventure involving delayed flights, missed connections, missing …

Motivating Employees One Smile at a Time

Filed under: Podcast Series: Humor at Work - 09 Nov 2015

podcastHow one workplace transformed it’s environment through a unique program called the Smile Transfer Protocol. Plus Mike’s fun at work tip, the quote of the week and some wacky …

Miles of Smiles Creates an Inspiring Workplace

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 09 Nov 2015

Barry Williams likes to mix a lot of humor into his workplaces. As the former manager of Barney’s Motel in Brandon, Manitoba, he created a fly bounty to get people laughing over flies in the motel rooms, added hilarious slogans …

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