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Celebrating Individuality Helps Drive Success

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 28 Oct 2015

Here’s how Kimpton Hotels promotes it’s careers on-line: “Are you creative, passionate and entrepreneurial? Are you MacGyver–like in your ability to solve problems with a little ingenuity (and perhaps some duct tape)? Well then, we like you already! For us, …

Six Workplace Resolutions that Will Make a Huge Difference in Your Workplace Culture

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 03 Jan 2014

Okay, so lots of people hate the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions, but when it comes to creating a more inspiring workplace culture, why not use the changing of the calendar to hit the reset button and make some serious commitments to improving your workplace? Here are a few suggestions for workplace resolutions that will truly make a difference:

Dirt Bags Help Build a Great Workplace

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 06 Nov 2013

Last week I had a chance to sit down with a couple of real dirt bags and tour the office of the construction company DIRTT Environmental Solutions, based in Calgary, Alberta. DIRTT has been recognized as one of the top-50 managed companies in Canada, and yes, employees are affectionately known as “DIRTTbags”. The energy in their fun and funky office is infectious – this was not your typical Dilbertesque office space or typical workplace culture. A clue to their self-deprecating style and inspiring culture can be found on their website’s company description: 

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