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Stress in the Workplace

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 21 Sep 2012

Workplace stress takes a huge toll on organizations: at an individual, team and organization level.

Is Conflict at Work Always a Bad Thing?

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 13 Sep 2011

Is conflict at work always a bad thing?

Managing Stress and Humor as a Leader

Filed under: Humor in the Workplace Blog - 07 Oct 2010

A huge part of a leader’s job is to manage the level of stress in the workplace.

Humor at Work Humor-Gram: Moment of Laughter Day

Filed under: The Hump Day Humor at Work E-zine - 28 Apr 2009

The Hump Day Humor-Gram, April 29, 2009 Issue 301
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YOUR workplace?
1. I Need a Moment

Today, April 29, is “Moment of Laughter Day”. So in honor
of this auspicious day, here’s a few reasons to laugh more:
* More oxygen to the brain (always a good idea at work)
* Laughter is caffeine-free, sugar-free, tax-free
* Boosts T-cell activity (which boosts the immune system) and
salivary immunoglobulin A (which fights respiratory infections)
* Relaxes muscles and increases blood flow
* It’s a great alternative to crying, and with less clean-up
* Breaks down barriers and creates a sense of unity (unless
you’re the one being laughed at)
* Not sure if this one is good for the workplace, but maybe
it makes us look at our team mates more fondly: 92% of Canadians
believe that laughter is one of the most important aphrodisiacs
around (according to, and no, I’m not making this up, a poll by
Pfizer, the folks who make Viagra).

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