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Take Time to Focus on What’s Working

The latest poll results from are in:
47% said that social websites are NOT making them any funnier;
24% said, yes, social websites are making them funnier, while
another 24% responded: “How can I be funnier than I already am!”

1. Take a Time Out to Focus on What’s Working

With all the doom ‘n gloom talk around the recession, it’s easy
for meetings to end up as a forum for wallowing and discontent.
So make a conscious effort to not just talk about what ISN’T
working or to only discuss problems. Spend at least ten minutes
at the end of each meeting talking about what is working, or
share some public praise of someone who did an outstanding job.
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

I recently received an e-mail auto-reply from a client whose
note made me laugh. Rather than the usual note, it spoke of
being kidnapped by her children and being forced to go to
Disneyworld. There were several other amusing lines, all of
which made me smile, and all of which made me realize I was
interacting with a real human being, as opposed to a computer
named Hal. So as we head into this holiday season, add a little personality  and a little fun to your auto-reply and voice mail messages.
3. Quote of the Week

“One nice thing about telling a clean joke is that there’s a good
chance no one has heard it before.” Doug Larson
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World: Your Call is VERY Important to Us

And we wonder why people are underwhelmed by the state of customer
service these days. Britain’s Driving Standards Agency’s on-hold
message says:”Thank you for your call. The waiting time is longer
than we would expect you to wait. In appreciation of your time,
patience, and cost implications to yourself, we are terminating
this call.” And then they terminate the call, as promised. Wow.

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