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On-boarding and Teaching Company Culture to New Employees Webinar

It’s very clear that culture drives success, in any organization. I’ve interviewed hundreds of inspiring leaders around the globe and asked them a very simple question: What’s been a bigger factor in your success – culture or strategy? 95% have answered culture. No matter how good your strategy, you need a great culture to be able to execute that strategy.

But here’s the deal. Great cultures don’t just happen. Every organization on the planet has a culture, but great cultures, inspiring cultures, don’t happen by accident!  You can’t fake a great culture, you can’t borrow it from someone else, and you can’t buy it at Costco. You need to be intentional about building an inspiring culture. In fact, the Human Capital Institute suggests that 70% of a leader’s time should be focused on talent development and building a strong culture. Happy People

Many organizations fail to appreciate, however, just how important it is to attract people who are a right fit for their culture. People who don’t just have the right skills, but the right attitude and personality fit to contribute to the culture they are trying to build. And they also fail to appreciate just how critical it is to make sure new hires understand the importance of culture and understand exactly the values and behaviors that your culture exemplifies – starting on day one!

Consider the impact it could have on your culture, if new employees start work without a solid grounding in what your organization’s culture is and what their expected role is when it comes to them contributing positively to your culture.  Think of how often a team can get derailed by just one new addition who doesn’t understand the norms and values that support the foundation of that team’s success!

That’s why I’m excited to be hosting a repeat of this one-hour webinar, Wednesday, January 31, at 11:00 a.m. MST/ 1:00 pm EST.  Here are the details:


To register for the webinar on Wednesday, January 31, click on the link:  Onboarding & Company Culture: Helping New Hires Understand Organizational Norms

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Culture drives success. No matter what business you are in, your culture is potentially your number one competitive advantage.  But great cultures don’t happen by accident.

Workplace culture is your organization’s DNA. It’s the invisible code that defines how employees describe their workplace, how they treat each other, and what they need to do to get ahead. It’s what makes your workplace unique from every other workplace.

But the stronger the culture, the more lost a new employee can be, and the greater the burden on you to help the new hire fit in. A great culture can attract great employees— but those employees can’t succeed without help understanding the culture starting on day one.

This fun, fast-paced, and inspiring webinar is filled to the brim with great ideas based on examples from inspiring, highly-successful organizations around the globe.

To register for the webinar on Wednesday, January 31, go to Onboarding & Company Culture: Helping New Hires Understand Organizational Norms

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Four killer questions to ask (and answer!) about your own workplace culture
  • Why culture drives success and how you can use your culture to attract great employees who are the right fit for your organization
  • The importance of hiring for a culture fit: Why attitude and character trumps everything
  • Instilling a sense of your culture in new employees even before their first day
  • Fun, creative ideas to welcome new employees, introduce them to your team, and instill them with a clear sense of your culture, mission, and values
  • Keeping the culture message alive when the honeymoon is over

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Michael Kerr travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about workplaces that, quite simply, rock!  A Hall of Fame speaker who is listed as one of Canada’s most in-demand speakers, Michael is also known as one of North America’s leading authorities on building inspiring workplace cultures and on how leaders and organizations put humor to work to drive outrageous results.

Michael is a regular contributor to Business Insider, and his ideas on building a great workplace have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and yes, even Martha Stewart Radio.

Michael is the author of six books, including “Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work,”  “Putting Humor to Work,” and “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.”








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