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The attitudes you need to explode if you want a great workplace

Here are three attitudes that need exploding if you are going to build a great workplace culture:

1.  “We can’t find ‘good help’ anywhere.”

Well, guess what? The “good help” exists. They are out there somewhere, perhaps working for your competitor.  The question is, why?

2. “Great employees need to sell themselves and prove to us why we need to hire them.”

Partially true, but the challenge is that those so called great employees, by virtue of the fact that they are great, can work anywhere they please.  They want to know why they should come and work for you?

So what are you doing to sell your organization to them?

3. “Employee loyalty is dead.”

No, employee loyalty is only dead in those organizations that have surrendered. It’s dead in organizations that aren’t doing the things they’ve need to be doing all along to build and sustain an inspiring culture. Employee loyalty is only dead if you choose to smother the life out it!

Michael Kerr,  Humor at Work,

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