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The Conference Bike for Team Creativity and Fun!

1. The Conference Bike!

Okay, so you know how I’m always suggesting that you need to add
some creativity to your meetings, add a little fun, or meet in
an unusual location, well now you can combine all three with the
conference bike!! It’s a bike built for seven people, all
sitting around a circle. It’s a meeting on wheels! It’s a
TRAINstorming device! If you want a laugh, cruise on over to The bike is actually being used in
some workplaces to promote health and wellness, creative
brainstorming and teambuilding. (And if anyone out there buys
one, please let me know – I’ll come facilitate your first
bike meeting free of charge!)
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

The New York Stock Exchange opens the market with a bit of a
ceremony and a clanking of the bell, so try that for your
meetings. Create a start of the meeting fun ritual. Try a gong
of a bell, a toot on a Kazoo or drum roll. Or open each meeting
with a weird, thought-provoking question. Or a funny quote of
the meeting. Or a “word of the meeting.” Or a funny line: “After
many requests we decided to hold the meeting anyways.” Or ask
how everyone’s doing on scale of 1-10 to check in with the group.
Opening with a bit of fun will encourage people to start on time
and break the ice. Turn it into a ritual, and it can become
another tradition that people can look forward to and build a
sense of team around.

3. Quote of the Week

“Even if laughter were nothing more than sheer silliness and fun,
it would still be a precious boon. But we now know that it is far
more than that, that it is, in fact, an essential element in
emotional health.” Steve Allen
4. It’s a Wacky World

A Vienna café offers special beer and sausages for dogs each fall
as a canine version of the Munich beer festival. All dachshunds,
as the favorite pooch of Bavarians, of course get to drink for
free. (Drunk dachshunds – now THAT’S a sight you don’t see
every day!)

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