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The Holidays Are Over, but You Can Keep Office Morale up All Year Long

You spent a lot of time building office morale over the holidays, right? Don’t lose that now that the holidays are over. Channel this good energy into ongoing projects that keep the momentum going:

Gently Put the Holidays to Rest

Your office may have spent the past two months decorating, playing music and sponsoring activities that get your employees into the holiday spirit. Don’t just come in, take down the decorations and expect things to be business as usual. Enlist business team successyour employees to help remove the signs of the holiday while creating some activities to carry the good mood forward.

Consider creating a binder to hold the Christmas cards you received from customers and vendors, and ask employees to help make it. Doing so (and reviewing it throughout the year) will help instill pride in their work place. You can also have the staff begin planning for next season by reviewing the cards and noting their favorite designs. Write up their recommendations for next year and review them as it gets closer to next season.

Set and Recognize Team Goals

As you put the holidays to rest, move into the New Year by creating and posting team goals. Set up an area where each team can post their goals and status. Encourage them to put up motivational posters and other materials to push their team. Make this a fun atmosphere where teams can cheer each other on.

Continue the Giving Spirit

Keep the giving spirit going by creating a project where employees come up with ways to recognize preferred customers. Put up a bulletin board and have staff post their suggestions. Form a team to go through the suggestions and make recommendations as to how to reward some of these exceptional customers. Real Business says that by creating an atmosphere of kindness this way, employees can change the way they feel about their job and coming to work.

Get Ready for the Next Event

Identify a small event each month that your staff looks forward to, and allow them to begin planning for it a month ahead of time. This way each month has an activity as well as a planning effort to keep your staff engaged.

For example, consider holding a March Madness party. Set aside certain days that employees can wear their favorite team jerseys and let them decorate their work spaces in their favorite team colors and logos. Make these events more about team bonding and fun and less about competition.

Give Back to Each Other

Create an ongoing project similar to the customer rewards program, but directed at other employees in the company. Have a team come together and review significant contributions made by other employees. Post notes, photos and other information on a bulletin board or social media page highlighting what that employee accomplished. The rewards could be as simple as:

  • A thank you card signed by the team
  • A gourmet chocolate bar
  • A lottery ticket
  • A post in the company’s blog talking about the employee’s contribution


Post by Melissa Kincaid – Melissa is a small business owner who likes to blog about entrepreneurship, personal finance and how to get and stay out of debt.

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