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The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank

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Energize employees and turn customers into passionate, lifelong fans with the most comprehensive humor in the workplace business book in the world!  Leverage “The Humor Advantage – Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank” to deliver outrageous results in your workplace!

“A fire hose of information and value that will turn your culture upside down!”  Michael Easton, President and CEO Argus Industries

“Michael Kerr hits the nail on the head when it comes to the balance of fun and professionalism. His book is full of brilliant real-world examples of ways to utilize humor and improve company culture. It has my brain swirling with new ideas we can bring to Men In Kilts.”  Nicholas Brand, Founder, Men In Kilts Window Cleaning

Your culture is your #1 competitive advantage. But here’s the rub: Inspiring cultures don’t happen by accident. You can’t buy, borrow or fake a great culture. You need to be deliberate Feature C-Suite Book Club Selectionabout building a truly inspiring culture that drives phenomenal results. That’s where The Humor Advantage comes in.

The Humor Advantage is packed with hundreds of ideas on how you, your team and your entire organization can put humor to work effectively in any business or organization to get the results you need. But it’s not just about fun. The Humor Advantage is a serious business book that describes how dozens of inspiring companies from around the world have built healthier, more innovative and more service-driven cultures.

From customer service to creativity, from motivating employees to managing stress, The Humor Advantage covers a wide range of work-related topics, while taking readers on a journey through inspiring workplaces around the globe.

It’s all about the way work OUGHT to be!

For more details, including the table of contents, sneak peeks, rave reviews, and media inquiries, visit The Humor Advantage website. 

How You Can Leverage The Humor Advantage

Because The Humor Advantage is such an invaluable resource AND such a fun read, it makes a thoughtful gift for employees, management teams and clients. For bulk discounts contact our office at or phone 1-866-609-2640.

In addition to being an invaluable resource that can help you, your team, and your organization succeed, here are some other ideas for how you could use The Humor Advantage:

  • For a memorable memento and thank you gift, give a signed copy to everyone at your next management retreat, conference or team building event.
  • To energize your workplace culture, ensure every member of your workplace culture committee or “team spirit” committee has a copy.
  • Include a copy in a welcome basket for new employees – it’s a great way to let new employees know how important culture, attitude, teamwork, and customer service is to your coBook-Cover-Humor-Advantagempany.
  • Mail signed copies to your key clients as a thank you gift or a “just thinking about you” gift.
  • Use it to reward and recognize employees at your employee recognition events.
  • Give it out as a door prize at your staff meetings or team huddles.
  • Offer copies as door prizes at your next staff retreat or team building event.
  • Use The Humor Advantage to launch your “Business Book of the Month Reading Club” at work.
  • Give to your boss as a thank you present for “Boss Day” in October.
  • Include it as a promotional win or door prize draw with your customers.
  • Package a copy with another product as a promotional giveaway for customers or clients.
  • Use the Humor Advantage to start (or add to) your workplace/business book resource library.
  • Give one away each week to whoever wins a creative/humor at work related workplace challenge.
  • Purchase copies for every audience member at an association event as a way to draw them over to your trade show booth where they pick up their free copy.
  • Use it as a fundraising tool to raise money for your organization’s charity (ask us for creative options).

“This book is your strategic plan for creating an exceptionally inspiring workplace – do yourself a favor and buy one copy for yourself…and another for your boss!”  Jamie Robbins, author of Nine Minutes on Monday

What You’ll Learn in The Humor Advantage

And in case you were curious….here’s some of what you and your employees will learn from The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank: 

  • Why culture drives success and how top organizations foster an inspiring culture
  • How humor can help you, your team and your entire organization succeed
  • Why more funny equals more money
  • How humor both creates and reflects success at work
  • Why values at work matterdog-and-books-33514622
  • How humor can help brand your business to attract top talent
  • How companies are using humor in their recruiting and hiring practices to build a stronger culture
  • Why Zappos is one of the best places to work… on the planet
  • How to build a stronger, tribal culture
  • Why teams that laugh together, work better together
  • How rituals and traditions can help create a more dynamic workplace culture
  • How Argus Industries, the USS Benfold and Beryl Health transformed their cultures
  • Why money isn’t always honey when it comes to motivating employees
  • Six phenomenally powerful Ps of motivation
  • Why creating an inspiring sense of purpose matters
  • How to formally recognize employees in a way that is truly effective
  • Shifting employees from a “job” mindset to a “growth” mindset
  • Why employees’ families are part of your support team
  • Celebrating success for offbeat reasons in offbeat style
  • Why communication at work is everything and everything is communication
  • Why making your messages outrageous can help them become contagious
  • The importance of speaking human and eliminating deja moo communication
  • Communication lessons from Johnson and Johnson and the world’s only stand-up economist
  • 52 Ways to inject more fun into your meetings
  • Why Ha + Ha = AHA!
  • Why creating a culture that values questions is so critical
  • How to get more creative juice out of your brainstorming sessions
  • Lessons from Pixar Studios on creating a more creative team
  • Eliminating the idea-killing language and attitudes in your workplace
  • Three key principles for shifting from ideas to action
  • The hidden costs of stress and presenteeism at work
  • Why laughter really is one of the best medicines around
  • Three powerful Rs for managing stress with humor
  • Lessons from “the world’s funniest airline”
  • How businesses are tapping into the humor advantage to brand themselves to their customers
  • “Press #9 for the pirate”: Simple ways to add humor to every customer point of contact
  • What marching ducks, giant donuts and mime-o-vision teach us about free publicity
  • Creating a service-first mindset and a culture that values service
  • Five reasons customer service matters now more than ever
  • Two key things great companies do to stand out with their service
  • Dozens of ways to add some fun to your customer service
  • Five principles for using humor effectively in any organization; five ways to jump start your culture; seven ways to jump start more fun at work

…and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the book is also a heck of a lot of fun to read!

“Leveraging The Humor Advantage in your business will help you drive outrageous results that will help you laugh all the way to the bank.  A must-read for any business that wants to attract and keep top talent, engage employees, boost sales, and turn customers into passionate, lifelong fans.” Colleen Francis, sales expert and author of Nonstop Sales Boom

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