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The Humor Advantage DVD

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  • 75-minute DVD
  • Cost: $89.95
  • Includes 3 FREE bonus e-books: “340 Ways to Put Humor to Work,” “Inspiring Questions for Inspiring Workplaces” and “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank”

The next best thing to seeing Michael speak live in person is to take him back to the workplace with a top quality recording of Michael delivering “The Humor Advantage.”

Why Invest in a DVD of The Humor Advantage?

  • You’ve seen Michael speak and you want to make sure other employees or leaders who weren’t able to attend his presentation receive the same great inspiration and ideas.
  • You want to augment your orientation and training programs for new employees, and The Humor Advantage will help new employees learn valuable lessons around customer service, stress management, and communication. And the presentation will send an important message about the type of workplace culture you want to build in your organization.
  • You want a training tool you can use for new supervisors and managers, one that will offer important perspective for any leader but also add a little levity as they take on new responsibilities.
  • Your team is doing a staff retreat and you’re looking for some options to break up the day – so why not watch 10 minute segments of The Humor Advantage that will not only lighten the mood but also serve as a launching pad for some critical team conversations around workplace culture.
  • You need a twice-a-year or yearly reenergizing reminder of Michael’s inspiring messages and ideas so they become ingrained in your culture.

What’s in the Humor Advantage?

Culture drives business success. But inspiring companies understand that a great culture doesn’t happen by accident – you need to be intentional when it comes to building a great workplace. Discover how organizations are leveraging their humor resources to foster a healthier, more engaged, more innovative, and ultimately more service-driven culture – a culture that attracts employees and keeps employees engaged and energized. And a culture that attracts new customers and turns long time customers into raving fans. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why leading companies are embracing humor as one of their core values
  • Why you need to be intentional about your workplace culture
  • How humor can help brand your business to attract top talent and enthusiastic customers
  • Three effective R’s for managing workplace stress through humor
  • How humor can enhance workplace communication and spark creativity
  • How humor can help you deliver outrageously memorable customer service

About Michael Kerr

Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame business speaker who travels the world researching, writing and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures. His ideas on building great workplaces have been featured in dozens of leading business magazines worldwide. Michael is also the author of six books including, “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank.

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