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The Hump Day Humor-Gram, December 15, 2004 Issue #115

In this issue . . .

1. Your Bizarre Humour Fact for the Month
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip
3. Quote of the Week
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World
1. Your Bizarre Humour Fact for the Month

According to psychologist Herbert Lefcourt, people’s
willingness to sign organ donor consent cards rises with their
tendency to laugh. Lefcourt feels that this is because people
with a healthy sense of ha ha are better able to cope with the
idea of death. So if a better sense of humor makes us more
willing to sign our organs away(!), what day-to-day workplace
stressors can a healthy dose of laughter help us deal with?
(I’m thinking . . . lots).
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Try wearing something fun UNDER your business clothes as a
playful reminder that you’re not taking yourself too
seriously. I have met many a “serious” business professional
who has confessed to wearing things like Mickey Mouse boxers
to remind them to lighten up!
3. Quote of the Week

“If I did not laugh I should die, and you need this medicine
as much as I do.” Abe Lincoln (after being criticized for joking
so much during the American Civil War).
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

Some days I worry about us, and here’s another reason why . . .

The University of Missouri is undertaking a study of human
facial expressions with the aim of creating computers
capable of identifying facial expressions via a camera.
And one of the aims of having computers do this is so that
companies can tell if their workers are awake or not!!
(What’s wrong with just poking someone and saying, “Hey
Bob – you still awake?”).

Happy Hump Day everyone! ================================================================
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2004

Author and international speaker Michael Kerr delivers keynote
talks and workshops on humor in the workplace, business creativity
and public speaking skills. Reach Michael at 1-866-609-2640
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