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Humor Sells – Using Humor in Sales

1. Humor Sells

A study by humor researcher Dr. Paul McGhee found that when a
a sales person used more humor, the buyer was willing to pay a
higher price. The study suggests that humor is great at breaking
down initial objections the buyer may have, and at creating an
emotional bond with the seller, product or idea. Humor also helps
to keep the buyer’s attention, and can help give your company
a more likable image. (Of course, those of you in the throes of
gift shopping may want to see if the reverse is true: can tapping
into your sense of humor help get you a better deal?)=================================================================
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

In lieu of people paying tickets with moola, several communities
this holiday season are allowing violators to pay their fines
with a toy donation. A great reminder that this holiday season,
one of the best ways to de-stress at the office, bond as a team
and have a few laughs is to take a break with your team and give
something back to the community (especially, you know, if
you stole something from the community, I mean, that’s
just common courtesy).
3. Quote of the Week

“Every year at Christmas I’m faced with the same tough financial
decision: Continue putting my child through university. . .
or buy a Christmas tree.”
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

As you open your gifts this holiday season, be sure to read
the labels carefully, or you might miss out on some great
Ho Ho’s, are at least, a few Ha Ha’s. The winners of the
11th Annual Wacky Warning Labels (sponsored by Michigan
Lawsuit Abuse Watch) were just announced, and so without
further ado, the winners are: 1st place went to a warning label
on a small tractor: “DANGER: AVOID DEATH”; 2nd place was taken
by a label on an iron-on t-shirt: “Do not iron while wearing
shirt”; and 3rd place went to a label on a baby stroller
featuring a small storage pouch: “Do not put child in bag.”

Happy Hump Day one and all. And as the folks at the tax office
say on their Christmas cards: Many happy returns!
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2007.

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