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The Hump Day Humor-Gram, December 21, 2005 Issue Number 158

Happy Holidays, and/or Merry Christmas
and/or Happy Hanukah to everyone!

Here’s my top ten ways to keep a sense
of humor over the holiday season:

10. Phone up a relative and tell them you’re too
too busy to talk to them right now and hang up.

9. Dress up like an elf at least once. Failing that,
dress someone else up like an elf. And failing that,
invite an elf over to your house. Nothing says “boy is
this fun” better than having an elf in the room.

8. When you buy egg nog, ask the grocery store clerk to
explain what “nog” is.

7. Remember to blink periodically. (This is just
good advice year-round.)

6. Eat healthy and go light on the chocolates.
(I’m kidding, please don’t panic!)

5. If you must go into a shopping mall, wear a hard
hat, shoulder & knee pads, and head lamp—I have found
people will give you a wide berth, especially if you
laugh maniacally.

4. Double the amount of deep breathing you do for each
in-law you invite home for the holidays.

3. Do the fun dance naked at least once.

2. Make an extra effort to laugh at yourself. Failing that,
laugh at your in-laws.

1. Make a vow to bring joy with you everywhere you go.
And if you can’t do that, bring along an elf.

Happy Hump day one and all! See you in 2006!
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2005
Reach Michael at 1-866-609-2640 or surf him up at

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