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Creating Inspiring Work Spaces to Create Inspiring Workplaces

1. Is Your Work Space Inspiring?

In a survey by Blumberg Capital, 69% of office workers said that
their office conditions affected their productivity and motivation,
while 80% said that the condition of their building affects how
they view their employer. Take a moment to think about your
own workspace. Is it inviting, welcoming, creative. . .fun?
Or is it, as 36% of respondents answered, “bland.” Of course,
it could be worse than bland: 7% said their workplace was “dumpy,”
while 4% answered “stodgy.” Trust me on this one: if you want to
inspire folks and create that “want to” kind of workplace, then
you need to create a fun, inspiring, creative physical environment,
and “stodgy” just isn’t going to cut the mustard. And it definitely
won’t slice the tomato! (By the way, the only reason I was able to
think of such a clever and witty metaphor is because I work in a
fun, gerbil-free, stodgy-free environment.)
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip: The Sweet Taste of Success

A survey by Life Savers (and I’m sure there’s no conflict of
interest here) found that three out of four offices have a candy
dish somewhere, and, here’s the sweet part: people who stock up
on sweets are supposedly more organized, harder working and more
creative! The survey of 1,290 office workers also found that
those people who shared the goodies were more likely to get a
raise or a bonus; while male dish owners were twice as likely to
get asked out on a date. So this week’s tip is a simple one:
become known for your sweetness by being the “go to” person for
treats (of course, you might want to check up on your company’s
dental plan beforehand).
3. Quote of the Week

“Laughter is a completely Zen moment. Laughter allows an idea to
slip in, unrecognized, and then maybe it can have an effect.”
George Carlin
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

Tired of the gossip in your workplace? The mayor of a small town
in Columbia may have hit upon the perfect solution: a law banning
gossip. That’s right, spread a rumor and you might be hauled off
to jail for two months or face a $1,100 fine! Of course, some of
the citizens insist the law doesn’t really exist, that it’s
merely some unsupported, um, gossip. Oops.

Happy Hump day! May all your gossip be happy gossip.
PLEASE forward this along to the office gossip – we need to spread
the fun word as fast as possible!
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2008.

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