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The Hump Day Humor-Gram, Issue #12, July 17, 2002

Please feel free to zap this around the office, paste it to the water
cooler, tie it to your brother-in-law, run it up a flag pole . . .

1. Why You Deserve A Break Today
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip of the Day Plan to Have Fun
3. Quote of the Week
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World . . .

Hump Day Break Time! Yes, it is that time of the year. The Hump Day
staff (including my dog, the only paid staff member) will be leaving
for our annual holiday, so please watch for your next issue at the end
of August. Have a great summer. Keep it cool. Keep laughing.
1. Why You Deserve a Break Today

According to the American Heart Association, your chances of having a
heart attack substantially increase IF you have not taken a vacation
in the last 12 months.

We know we need to recharge the cell phone and the lap top. We know
the car needs regular tune ups and oil changes. Yet, so often, when
it comes to taking care of ourselves, recharging our own batteries and
refuelling our bodies, minds and spirits, we somehow forget how
important it is to take a good, long healthy break away from our jobs.
(It’s good for a our companies, customers and co-workers for us to get
away too!).

Workaholics, according to several studies, often only appear to be
working harder. In fact, when people work too long without a break
their stress levels increase, creativity is diminished, mistakes
increase and overall productivity drops.

So give yourself a break. A long one. Did I mention I’m going on
holidays soon?
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip Plan to Have Fun

Scheduling fun or planning for humor sounds, well, a tad silly. But
what the heck, I’m a silly guy so I’m going to ahead and suggest it
anyway. In this over zany, hyperactive society too many of us forget
the importance of having fun on a regular basis. Even short breaks
can help spark our creativity, reduce stress levels, improve our
motivation and increase our productivity. And if we don’t schedule
it, if we don’t treat it as much as priority as anything else in our
hectic workdays, then it just won’t happen.

In fact, a survey of stressed out, overworked managers revealed that
the number one sway managers changed their lifestyles and reduced
their stress was by scheduling fun/personal activities, setting goals
for fun (just like we do for business) and making the fun side of the
equation as big a priority as the work side.

So schedule some fun. Include a humour break in part of your weekly
meeting agenda. Have a staff laugh once a week instead of a coffee
break. Plan a fun outing over the lunch hour. Hold recess for
employees. Schedule in even just two ten minute humour breaks per day
and make sure you commit to them! Planning the breaks with your
employees, family members (if you work at home) or co-workers will
help improve your chances of staying committed to your breaks.

(Have I mentioned I am going away for five weeks?)
3. Quote of the Week

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”
Milton Berle

(Have I mentioned I will be away for five weeks?)
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

Speaking of taking breaks and travel . . . according to a travel
survey, the number one thing that travellers said they wished they
could take back home with them from their hotel room was . . . the

(Did I forget to mention that I’m leaving for holidays too?)
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2002

Michael Kerr, “The Workplace Energizer” is the author of 5 books,
including When Do You Let the Animals Out? and You Can’t Be Serious!
Putting Humor to Work. Michael delivers keynote talks and workshops
on humor in the workplace, business creativity and public speaking

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