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The Hump Day Humor Gram Issue #18, October 2, 2002

Please feel free to forward this, pass it on to your boss, e-mail it
to yourself and other loved ones, tie it to a kite, send it in a
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In this issue . . .

1. Food for Thought in October
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip: Food Fun
3. Quote of the Week
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World
1. Food for Thought in October

It is October and the first snow has fallen in the Rockies, which can
only mean one thing yes, it is Microwave Month. It’s also Adopt a
Dog Month, Pizza Month and Popcorn Month (so fattening up for the
winter shouldn’t be a challenge).

And with all this talk of food, one can’t help but think of calories
and the need to maintain a balanced diet. Which in turn, makes me
think of laughter. (I knew we’d get there eventually).

If one considers the physical and mental health benefits of adding
more laughter to the workplace, then perhaps we should set a dietary
target for a minimum daily laugh intake, or perhaps a recommended
dosage for the number of laughs per hour?

And when laughter researchers such as Dr. William Fry suggest that
laughing hard for 20 seconds is the same caloric workout as two to
three minutes on a rowing machine, it ought to give us all the more
reason to make sure we are all getting our daily dose of Vitamin Ha.

Some my recommendation to you this October: For every pizza you eat,
double the amount of laughter in your life. (Just don’t laugh while
you are eating the pizza. Tomato sauce out of the nose is not a
pretty sight).
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip Food Fun

And speaking of food . . .

Adding food to a meeting is an easy way to up the fun quotient. Here
are a few simple suggestions for incorporating a little food onto the
workplace menu:

– Hold a breakfast meeting Hold a monthly potluck lunch with a theme
– Bring fun snack foods to meetings: ice cream, Jello, fortune
cookies, popcorn, pizza
– Use food as door prizes at meetings and training sessions
– Use food to lure unsuspecting clients into your workplace
3. Quotes of the Week

“Food is an important part of balanced diet.” Fran Leibowitz
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

Sticking with the food theme: a man dressed in a giant grape mascot
costume was reportedly pursued through the streets of a small
California town by a gang of teenagers. The Grape managed to make it
to safety.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t wine about it too much.
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2002

Michael Kerr, “The Workplace Energizer” is the author of 5 books,
including When Do You Let the Animals Out? and You Can’t Be Serious!
Putting Humor to Work. Michael delivers keynote talks and workshops
on humor in the workplace, business creativity and public speaking

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