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The Hump Day Humor-Gram Issue #56, August 27th, 2003

In this issue . . .

1. I need a ANOTHER Vacation!
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip
3. Deep Thought of the Week
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World
1. I Need ANOTHER Vacation!

Do you ever hear yourself saying “I need a vacation” at the
end of a vacation, just to recover from all the travel and
activities you did on your vacation? And then of course, there
is the stress of knowing that you’ll be returning to 897
unanswered e-mails, 1,407 voice mail messages and an in-basket
that is doing its best impression of the leaning tower of Pisa.

Here are a few tips for keeping your sense of humor and
minimizing your “post-holiday” stress:

– Tell people you are coming back a day later than you really
are. This gives you an entire day to sneak back into your office
and get caught up without interruptions and unrealistic demands
thrust upon you as soon as you walk in the door.
– Set a realistic goal for what you can accomplish the first
day back so as not to overwhelm yourself. If people have waited 2
weeks to hear from you, they can wait another day.
– Bring your co-workers some fun souvenirs from the vacation,
so they feel at least a little guilty about bothering you
– Post a sign on your door (if you have a door, if not, try and
get one immediately). That says “Recovering from Vacation,
Please Do Not Disturb.”
– Bring a photo or memento from your holiday and place it in
plain view to remind yourself to stay in that “relaxed,
easy-going, carefree holiday state-of-mind” (unless your holiday
was none of the above, in which case you should dive into your work
as fast as possible).
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Have a “How I spent my summer vacation” social, luncheon, party
or meeting with your department where people can show slides,
and swap photos and stories from their summer vacation.

If you didn’t have a summer vacation, make your co-workers feel
guilty by showing them photos of you hard at work holding down
the fort while they were off frolicking in the sun.
3. Deep Thought of the Week

He who hesitates is not only lost, but miles from the next exit.
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

This newspaper headlines speaks for itself, I think . . .

Convict Used Prison Pay to Fund Escape

But let me just say this about that: What else would a convict
save up money towards? An annual vacation? A different colored
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2003

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