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The Hump Day Humor-Gram, July 18, 2007 Issue Number 226

Hello happy campers of all ages. Sorry we missed you last week,
but we’re back, before, well, leaving again. It’s time for our
annual Hump Day fun in the sun summer hiatus, so The Hump Day
Humor Gram will be off the air until the end of August.
(If you’re lonely and missing some inspiration, you can always
look up old issues at

Besides, this time of year (especially for the Canadians in the
crowd), we should be HAVING fun at work, not just reading
about having fun at work. So with that thought, here are
my Top-10 Ways to Up the Fun at Work in the Summer:

1. If you can’t go the beach, bring the beach to the office.
(A few plastic flamingoes, beach umbrellas, a bucket of sand,
some Hawaiian leis, a couple of beach balls and you’re good to

2. Set up a lemonade stand in the hallways or in front of the
office and raise money for your favorite charity.

3. Give everyone a “It’s WAY too Nice to Work” coupon that
lets employees take half a day (or whole day?) off on a day when
it’s just way too nice to be indoors. (Some companies do this
as a way of recognizing that if folks are going to play hooky
anyways, doing things like this can actually lessen the
likelihood of folks skipping out).

4. Have a sundae-making party/social/staff meeting, where
different folks or departments contribute a different topping
to the cause (the cause being incredibly decadent ice cream

5. If you can’t get out to the greens, then bring the golf course
to you and create an indoor mini-putt course.

6. Hold a “Dress in your Tackiest Hawaiian Shirt” day.

7. Send your colleagues customized postcards from your own

8. Take the team on a field trip to the zoo/park/aquarium/
sea world/ice cream shop.

9. Hold a customized summer Olympics competition, with events
tailored to your unique profession/office.

10. Hold an indoor parade, with teams creating impromptu
(give ‘em 30 minutes) floats/bands/displays.
Have a fun, fabulous and safe rest of the summer everyone!

“A holiday is something that turns someone who is
tired… into someone who is completely exhausted.”
Copyright Michael Kerr, 2007.,

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